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Nasa and Beach, 11th of December, 2011

Time goes really fast for people who enjoyed it, seven days are never enough to share our culture, experiences, and the feelings we had from our exchange student life.  Remember the first day entering the Disney World, a big slogan,” Let the memories begin”. I think we really made it.  Now, when we looked past, there are so many precious memories and good times that we shared with.
            For the last day, we went as a whole group for ending up these amazing moments.  We went to the NASA; got the chance to know more about the history of American Space. To our surprise, humans were so knowledgeable about figuring out the launch of the rocket and we also went for the simulation which was pretty impressive.  Before we visited the museum of NASA that showed us the real rockets and bought some souvenirs, we went to a tall tower and enjoying watching the view.  During our visit, we were taken by the buses they provided, it was kind of strict inside because they don’t allow us to eat, drink or use the electronic commodity.  Yet, they expounded very well and told us the specific time we could take a good picture. 
After exploring the universe, we went to the beach which is famous in Florida.  Perhaps God knew we are leaving the lovely Florida tomorrow, it cried for us, thus we got wet by the rain, and the weather wasn’t very nice to go for beach activities.  We went shopping instead before the supper time.  Having dinner in BREAKERS, everyone liked it.  As we were heading forward to the mall in Florida, we had tons of fun on the bus.  We had an election that everyone voted for different categories.  For instance, “The best exchange student”, “The worst singer” and “The least punctual”, etc.  Nika and Alice did a good job being the hosts.  Everyone was cheering and exciting.  Unfortunately, when we got to the mall, most of the stores were closed. 
            To carry out an undertaking from start to finish, we had a meeting in the hotel again.  We filled out the survey about this wonderful trip and also mentioned the other trips coming up.  The excellent tour guides for us this time, Kiersten, Fred and Karen, were giving us the certifications, congratulating us that we still survived after these days.  Kiersten and Karen even brought us the cute Mickey and Minnie key chains.  Kiersten let us tried the egg nog which is one of her favorite drinks.  It pained us so much to know that the trip is about to be over.  We talked about our comments, our feelings and exchanged our country souvenirs to commemorate the times we had been together. 
            I think for most of us, we appreciated for all who joined this trip, the fantastic exchange students, the best tour guides, the friendly drivers, the astounding Disney World.  I am sure for we these awesome exchange students, we will have more and more happiness like this and we will never ever forget it!
            Thanks again for giving us the perfect memories!
我愛你們! Aku cinta kamu semua kawan-kawan!
                             written by Rita from Taiwan
                                  Jane from Indonesia

sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

Universal Studios and Island of Adventure, 10th of December 2011

Today is the fifth day of the trip. We left our hotel at 9 am, then we went to Universal. It have 2 park, Universal studios and Island of Adventure. We went to Universal studio first. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is our first ride. It is very fun! We played it twice in a roll. After that we went to Twister ride it out, it is very excited. It's seem like we are in a real situation. The tornado look so real and we also saw the cow flew away in front of our face. Then we went to the Revenge of the Mummy. It is the darkness indoor roller coaster. The special affect of the Mummy is so cool! It's look so real. After that we went to Men in black. We have to shoot the aliens. Then we went to The Simpson Ride. The Simpson family is so cute. The we went to Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster. After we have a ride, we realize that it is for the smaller kids. At 1.00pm we went back to the meeting point. Then we move to Universal Island of adventure. Incredible Hulk coaster is our first ride. It's so scary at first, but after we tried it's not that scary as we thought. Doctor Doom's Fearfall is second ride. It's seem to be so scary because it went up so high, but to be honest after we have a ride it not scary AT ALL. Then we went  to Jurassic Park River Adventure. We have to ride along the river. We saw many kind of dinosaurs and we got all wet. After that we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is a small town that look like the Harry Potter movie. It's have snow on the roof of every house in this town. The first ride in this town is called Dragon Challenge. It is like a Triwizard Tournament. We ride on a ferocious dragons that twist and loop in a high speed across the sky. After that we went to Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey. We have to wait in the line for about an hour. It was worth it. The ride in this place is really fantastic. We thought that it is the best ride ever. It is so exciting. Then we walked around the little land called Seuss Landing. It is a small cute little town, but most if the ride are for the small kids. After that we went to The amazing adventure of spider man. This is a 3-D animation with a ride, though the fight of the spider man against the aliens. We have dinner at Hard Rock cafe. It is a very cool place. We ate cheese burger with the refill soft drink. When we are all done we start to shop. We bought a lot of stuff. For example shirt, pins and doll. In our opinion we thought that Universal Studios and Island of Adventure is awesome. We have a lot of fun and excitement in this place. We wish that we can come back to this place again someday. This day is our best day of the trip. 
At the end we would like to say thank you to all the stuffs that made this trip happen. We will remember this day forever.
Thank you 
Thai Exchange Students 
Kuljira Sareechaitaweepong "BELL"
Kotchakorn Nakprasit "FAH"
Anund Ua-anantatanakul "GUANG"

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Magic Kingdom - 8th of December 2011

Hi guys!
It is the third day of our trip and we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The weather was good but the park was very crowed. At first we went on some rides together and then we split up in smaler groups. Everyone liked especially “Space Mountain”! 
Goofy, Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse were one of the big attractions of this magic world. But the highlight was the lightshow and the firework. Cinderella’s castle illuminated with lasers and changed its colors. The firework was just magic! After 9 hours shopping, riding rollercoasters, and hanging around in the park everyone was tired and we had hundreds of pictures. It was a great day! We enjoyed and recommend it. (:
Pictures of the Tour